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Lighting Your Way with First Light Tarot

A Lucky Frog Tarot Review of First Light Tarot

Named after the moment a telescope opens to the universe, The First Light Tarot is exquisite. It's an exceptional addition to the Schiffer oracle deck line. The box set is complete with 66-cards featuring images from space.

The deck is a magnificent tarot-inspired creation. The creator is the author and long-time tarot reader Dinah Roseberry. Dinah’s profound familiarity with the tarot is evident in deck's design. Each image she chose with care to convey the universal vibrations it captures. of this beautiful oracle deck. The set is suitable for beginners who have not yet mastered the meanings of 78 tarot cards. First Light Tarot has a design making it easy to interpret card meanings or to intuit what the cards convey.

The first time a reader uses the deck the set will leave a lasting impression. The deck is simple enough for the new tarot reader to master in short order. But, it’s also complex enough to address the hardcore needs a professional reader demands.

There are myriad methods for interpreting the cards. Readers can:

  • Use trump cards alone

  • Use insight cards alone

  • Use trump, insight, and spread cards

  • Concentrate on numerology and numerical references

  • Focus on astrological associations

  • Meditate on the visual elements of the cards

  • Meditate on the card title and/or keyword inclusions

  • Intuit the meaning of cards

  • Use the spreads Dinah includes in the guide

  • Create your own layouts to let the cosmos supply universal insight

  • All the above!

First Light Tarot and The Set Design


The quality of the deck is striking. You get the 66-card deck, a 96-page guide, and a folded, four-page laminated cheat sheet for ease of reference. The back of every card depicts an image of what it might look like if you were viewing space through a telescope.

The box itself is durable. There’s a convenient cut out section inside the box where the cards nest. The lid has a ribbon tab for pulling open the box. Two white ribbons keep the lid from flipping open all the way. The white ribbon tab and lid tie-downs lend an elegant air to the box set and its design.

The box is secure enough for storage when the cards are not in use. If you are giving the set away as a gift, you’ll be hard pressed to find another oracle deck with such an attractive lid cover. The fonts are large and bold. A bright cosmic light and outer space scene are on the cover hinting at imagery contained within. Each image is an unedited version of a photographic capture of outer space.

The Trumps in The First Light Tarot


The cards in the First Light Tarot are of nice card stock. The cards are large but easy to handle. When holding the entire deck in your hand, you’ll find the deck weight surprisingly light. Dinah aligns the cosmic imagery with card meanings. It results in an irrefutable demonstration of her creative mind. The cards feature clever depictions of space images. The depictions are reminiscent of the imagery and meaning in the traditional tarot.

The Fool card is an ingenious depiction featuring an image of the Voyager. The star clusters in The Magician evoke the imagery of an ancient magician with glowing eyes. The Empress suggests the image of a cosmic egg. The High Priestess' celestial imagery hints at mundane and esoteric realms.

The Hanged Man is a dark cloud that looks a lot like a man hanging by one foot. The Devil card makes you remember the darker depictions in Disney’s Fantasia. You can almost see his monstrous presence rise in space as the larger-than-life being. The Sun and Moon are more obvious with their depictions. But, the imagery is still lovely nonetheless.

Design of The First Light Tarot Insight Cards


Upon starting the creation of First Light Tarot, Dinah had the notion of creating a 78-

card deck. But, as all creative endeavors seem to do, the project took on a life of its own. She took a new direction after intuiting a different deck design. One insight suggested the need for the Minor Arcana representing vibrations. In the guide accompanying the deck, Dinah writes how the Light Beings guide the deck’s creation:

“Vibrations are the basis of all life … we are each made of energy that, when connected, becomes vibrations that run the world, that connect the masses—or, in contrast, ruin or destroy the world and stimulate negativity for the masses. There is only the availability of choice.”

The insight cards are rich in meaning and a visual delight. The Past card is one with a star cluster making the viewer thing about the ghosts of yesterday. In the insight cards, the reader finds cards representing important life concepts. Some insight cards include wilds, outcome, and strategy.

Some of the insight cards address questions of import too. The reader can explore the answers to “Why is this happening,” “Who may help,” and “Whom may hurt?” Readings can mix the use of Major and Minor cards, or as a both sets can serve as standalone decks. The insight cards can also serve as clarifiers.

First Light Tarot and Spread Cards


The deck also features 22-spread cards. This part of the set is for offering daily insights. It might also serve for discovering information the querent needs to focus on or improve. The numbers can help the reader identify numerological references of significance. The guide gives advice on each card and information relating to energetic associations. Astrological signs appear on the cards as easy to understand zodiac symbols. Spread cards include Attraction, Diversity, Emotion, and Harmony, among others.

The First Light Tarot Deck’s Guide


The comprehensive guide covers all the card meanings. The book features three parts. The first part of the guide explores the reason for the deck’s creation. It also offers advice on how the reader can gain the greatest insight from the deck. The first part of the guide relates to:

  • Spreads

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Meditation

  • Card Imagery

  • Reading methods

  • Reader expectations

Part two of the guide presents Trump cards with upright and reversed interpretations. Dinah goes a step beyond by supplying advice and quotes. The meaning of insight cards is also available in this section. You can use the book to get a jump start on interpreting cards for meaning. As an alternative, you can keep the cheat sheet nearby for review. The sheet features card descriptions, key concepts, and numerological associations. Number meanings and a bit of quick advice are on the cheat sheet as well.

Final Thoughts


First Light Tarot is perfect for an easy way to tap into Universal understandings. It is suitable for seeking daily insights through card-a-day readings. Readers can dig deeper and map out one’s future over the long term too. When in need of inspiration, healing, or positive energies, a single card draw sheds light on one's path.

Tap into the collective unconscious, the consciousness of the masses. Use the deck to lift your vibrations. First Light Tarot paves the way. The deck is simple to learn and visually-appealing. If you are seeking a means for illuminating the dark or hidden areas of your life, First Light Tarot is the tool to use. It will help you tune in, align, and tap into the Universe. The answers are just waiting to illuminate your mind. Let’s sum up the deck in one word – Exquisite!


Review Summary

Rating: Five Stars

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, 1 edition (January 12, 2016)

Paperback: 96 pages, Soft Cover

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0764345737

ISBN-13: 978-0764345739

Product Dimensions: 9 x 1.5 x 6 inches

Contents: 1 Tarot Box with Ribbon Tab and Lid Attachments, 66-card oracle deck, a 96-page guide book, and a laminated cheat sheet

Deck Contains: 22 Major Arcana, 22 Minor Arcana, and 22 Spread Cards

Author/Creator: Dinah Roseberry

Website: The Official Website of Dinah Roseberry

Where to buy: Get it through Schiffer Publishing at or

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