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Small Synchronicities Leading the Way

Lucky Frog Tarot Blog 1 - The Fool and Synchronicity

So, I struggled with the notion of what to write for the first blog on Lucky Frog Tarot. After all, there’s so many things to cover when it comes to tarot readings, interpretations, dreams, and the like. My mission is to make the blog, not just informative, but inspirational too. I want people to take away information from the blog that will help them transform their lives. If I can provide the information or resources for such a transformation, that will help me feel as if I am achieving my original aim.

One Question Was the Catalyst

I then thought about some of the things that guide me in my life, and figure that’s as good as a place to start as any. So, here I’ll share some of the small (or not so small) synchronicities that have lead me to the start of Lucky Frog Tarot at this time in my life. It’s odd because I did not consider offering tarot readings or psychic services until a very good friend of mine said, “Are you good … and if so, why aren’t you offering readings?” That one question was a catalyst to an array of questions to follow. Did I want to offer tarot readings? If so, how should I go about doing so? And so on and so forth.

An Intriguing Synchronicity and the Journey of the Fool

I’m glad I made the decision to do so. As always, I look out into the world for confirmation that I am doing the right thing at the right time. While in the process of planning the website design for Lucky Frog Tarot, I was out running some mundane errands. I happened to be in the grocery store when I swear by everything I consider holy, I saw an older man wearing a jester cap and dressed like The Fool.

Now anyone who knows Tarot knows where this is going for the 22 cards of the Major Arcana are “The Journey of the Fool.” I took this as a synchronistic sign because of the likelihood of seeing a man wearing a purple and white jester’s cap with bells on it and dressing like a court jester in the middle of the Local Price Chopper is pretty slim. It wasn’t a holiday. There was no special event going on. The gentleman didn’t work there. It was one of those moments you wish you had a camera on you. Didn’t even have my cell with me to capture the moment. I don’t know the mathematical odds of it and I don’t care too. All I know is it stirs that eerie feeling within that tells you the encounter or incident is far more meaningful that it appears.

It’s more than coincidence. It’s a moment that makes you say, “Okay, really now, what are the odds.”

More Synchronistic Moments

I’ve had other synchronicities in my life. A LOT of synchronicity. One of the more memorable moments is when I signed up for an astronomy class in college. All the while I wondered if the class was really going to be something I would understand and enjoy. I went out to eat for lunch a few days later with my husband and kids. Where we went had redone the inside of the building and the décor? All images of outer space. Okay… coincidence, right? A few weeks later my husband just by chance had put in for a raffle for a telescope. He won it. My favorite color too. Red. Still coincidence? I don’t think so. It was my universal sign post. I was doing exactly what I was should be doing. These are the kinds of things I experience all the time.

A Surprise Guest

So, I ended up having a wee little frog visitor! It was three days before the launch of Lucky Frog Tarot. My daughter says, “Mom, close your eyes.” Yes, an adult she is but she still likes to surprise me. In she comes with a tiny little critter who stopped in to say hello. A little frog or toad, it doesn’t matter because they are all the same to me. My little totem came calling as if to say you are right where you are supposed to be doing what you should be doing. I took a photo of the little guy. He’s just another little inspiration from the universe.

Frogs, Tarot, and Dreams: What Does it All Mean?

Lucky Frog Tarot Blog 1 - Frog Visititation and Synchroncity

Frogs are symbols of between spaces because they are creatures living between land and water. They are representations of the realm of consciousness and the subconscious. They also represent this world and the otherworld or realms. Frogs are symbols of transformation and adaptation. This makes them the perfect symbol to associate with the Tarot and dreams. All that the frog corresponds with is aligned with dreams, the other world, the tarot, the Spirit, and the transformation one can achieve when using dreams and Tarot for guidance.

We all need guidance from time to time. Dreams and the messages you can get from them enrich your life. Tarot promises insight and guidance for those who seek it. I’m pleased that I choose the frog as a symbol. It’s a perfect connection! It is the permanent reminder of how we all find our way through life with just a little help from the Universe.

Be sure to come back soon! Lots of fun material is underway! Until then, why not get a reading for yourself? Check out Lucky Frog Tarot's Services today!

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