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I offer the following services to help you find insight into relationships, life events, and for those seeking a new perspective. I invite you to delve into the messages of your dreams which can promise intensely meaningful! Of course, with anything, there are a few rules for those interested in booking readings through Lucky Frog Tarot. I hope these simple rules don't sound too harsh! But, as rules go, they are strict! 

1. Lucky Frog Tarot offers readings in full compliance with New York State Law. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

2. You must be 18 years of age or older to request a reading from Lucky Frog Tarot.

3. I do not do readings regarding health related questions. I will not answer questions related to pregnancy.  If you have health related concerns I urge you to contact a licensed professional who is qualified to offer you a diagnosis and to suggest treatment.  Nothing in any reading I provide shall be construed as medical advice. I will not supply you with a diagnosis of your condition or the condition of anyone else. If the question is asked, I will refer you to the appropriate professional for further assistance. I reserve the right to determine if question falls under the health-related  rule and I will err on the side of caution when there is any doubt about it.

4. I do not do death predictions under any circumstances.

5. If you are the subject of abuse and you reveal this to me in a reading, I will provide you with the appropriate information you need to seek assistance.

6. I do not predict lottery numbers and I will not tell you what stocks you should invest in. I do not have the qualifications to offer you investment advice.  General questions regarding career and finance are acceptable.

7. Big rule here: Yes, I am Wiccan. Yes, I am a Priestess. No, I will not cast a spell on you, for you, or for anyone else. I do not do curses, hexes, or voodoo for anyone. Please don't ask. I will instruct you with the rules that are written here.

8. My time is the most valuable asset I have. I say that will all sincerity. If I feel you have contacted me and are not taking the reading seriously, I will end the session and refund you the portion of the session that remains on a prorated rated.

9. All readings are paid in advance. Payment is accepted via PayPal online.

10. I reserve the right to amend the following rules as necessary and at any time.


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