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“Lucky Frog Tarot is amazing! The reading I received was so accurate and illuminating ... Dayna is truly a gifted psychic, and very in tune to who she’s reading for. I felt that the reading was more in depth than other readings I've received. She gave me in depth insight to things I wouldn't have been privy to otherwise.”

— Tracey Pisano —

—Wiccan Priestess —

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Greetings and a big, warm welcome to you!  I invite you to find out more about me, Dayna Winters, the owner and creator of Lucky Frog Tarot!  You'll also find out the very real inspiration behind the Lucky Frog Tarot site!  Just what does a frog and the Tarot have to do with one another anyway?  



Visit the "About Me" page to find out! 


No time like the present!

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Lucky Frog Tarot offers more than card readings. Why not gain some insight into those night-time dreams with a little help from a dream interpreter? Discover how the Tarot messages and your dreams weave together! 



Get readings through Skype, Facetime, phone, or email.  I am also available for special appointments if you are looking to schedule a professional reader for your next event.  Contact me for more details.*[


*Note: Please make sure you've left enough room on your voicemail for me to leave a message in the event you are unavailable to take my return call!  I don't want to miss out an opportunity to work with you! 





Are you ready to take the leap? Awesome!


Book a Reading with

Lucky Frog Tarot today!




Looking for a reader for your event? Book a pro reader who has done well over 10,500 readings! Contact me for booking information! 


Want to know what kind of Tarot reading services you can get? 


Check out "Services" to learn what to expect from a reading.


Then, after you're all booked for your session with me, grab a cup of java or your favorite herbal tea! Settle in and check the Lucky Frog Tarot blog for inspiration, reviews, tarot advice, tips, hints for more productive dreamwork, and more! New material is added regularly. Subscribe to my blog for regular updates!


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